About Scentsy

Wickless wax warmers and home fragrance

Scentsy is an industry-leading fragrance company that pioneered the popular, safe candle warmer concept.

Scentsy has expanded its offerings to include stunning ultrasonic diffusers for use with natural and essential oils and blends, super concentrated laundry care, their line of cleaning products that include kitchen soap, hand soap, and counter cleaner, they also offer a body line featuring favourite fragrances. Scentsy also has a fun line of kids products, including scents developed exclusively for their youngest customers, warmers, diffusers, buddies (stuffed animals), Buddy clips (for backpacks and bags), sidekicks for babies, scrubby buddies and bath smoothies to make washing up fun!

We are now recruiting in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches on your home decor with a few carefully chosen accessories and fragrances, buy beautiful gifts for friends – Scentsy is the answer!