Nova Scentsy Warmer

By April 10, 2018 April 4th, 2019 Featured
Nova Scentsy Warmer
Not your common household appliance

Introducing Nova, the newest Scentsy Warmer

This modern and << unique >> Nova Scentsy Warmer truly grabbed my attention when I saw it – which doesn’t always happen. It is unique in the sense that no two warmers are exactly the same due to its one-of-a-kind light display.

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While Scentsy Warmers serve a fundamental purpose – to warm fragrant paraffin wax more aptly known as Scentsy Bars – they << can >> be so much more.

I assert that it is the thought, creativity, and perhaps even passion behind the design and quality of each Scentsy Warmer that differentiates it from a common household appliance that one may hide under a table, or put away after its useful purpose (or life) has been served.

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In fact, while its primary purpose is to warm Scentsy Bars, it can be a [insert word here] beautiful, rustic, modern, country, rugged, feminine, masculine … piece of art that both decorates one’s home and reflects one’s individual taste and preferences.

I am proud and excited to introduce this new Nova Scentsy Warmer and hope that some may enjoy a similar reaction to mine. That said, if this doesn’t reflect your individual taste or preferences, please feel free to browse the broader collection of Scentsy Warmers here, or contact us for suggestions.

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