Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month for April

By March 31, 2019 Scentsy Specials

One of the early signs of summer (or at least warmer days ahead) that I’ve always looked forward to is fresh, local strawberries at my local grocery store. I love the cute little green baskets they come in, the shiny red skin dotted with seeds, and of course the juicy taste!

Strawberry Basket Scentsy Element Warmer

April’s warmer of the month – Strawberry Basket – lets you bring a taste of summer to your home, early! The basket reminds me of vintage looking ceramic fruit baskets I’ve seen in stores lately, and I think it will look so cute in your kitchen!

Sugared Strawberry Scentsy Wax

The scent of the month – Sugared Strawberry – blends fresh luscious strawberries, juicy currants, and sun kissed lemons.

Both the warmer and scent will be available ON SALE starting April 1!

Unboxing April’s Scent and Warmer of the Month

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