Free to Roam: Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month (May 2019)

By April 30, 2019 Scentsy Specials


If you like scents like Vanilla Suede, Weathered Leather, or Sheer Leather, you’ll LOVE Saddle Up!

Country Born Scentsy Element Warmer

May’s warmer of the month – Country Born – Tip a hat to classic country style with this western-inspired warmer, ready to make any space feel wide open.

Saddle Up Scentsy Wax

The scent of the month – Saddle Up – captures some on-the-range day-dreaming with soft suede, aged leather, sheer musk and a breath of fresh air.

Both the warmer and scent will be available ON SALE starting May 1st!

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